“Players” starring Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh returns to Spike, if you can find it

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The improvised Spike sitcom starring Upright Citizens Brigade alums Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts will return to air its remaining seven episodes of the season after a three-month break (which made no sense).

Spike isn’t great at holding onto audiences – maybe because they do things like air episodes out of order or take mid-season hiatuses that alienate the dude audiences they try so hard to build – and they’re not doing a great job with Players, either.

I’m a big UCB fan, but even I can’t keep up with the on-again-off-again nature of this damn show. I haven’t even seen the thing – an improvised bar comedy with two comics I love. (Nor do I own a DVR). Hopefully, Spike will get better at not sabatoging some of their best talent.