Bill Murray and Robert Duvall star in “Get Low”

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Robert Duvall and Murray in "Get Low"

Grizzled backwoods Tennessee recluse (Duvall) shows up at local undertaker’s (Murray) doorstep to arrange his own funeral. But this is not just any funeral, and Duvall is not just any man. He has a dark past he’s never owned up to, a history he’s never righted. Even estranged wife Sissy Spacek cut off ties years ago.

But now Tennessee’s most infamous outsider wants to throw the greatest Depression-era rager the town’s ever seen, to announce his great forty year secret in the elegy he wrote for himself – not yet dead. And did I mention Bill Murray will play twilight years Bill Murray – implicit smirks and all – all death and dry wit with a southern gothic backdrop?

It tastes like the Coen brothers. But it smells like Flannery O’Connor (unpasteurized goat milk and being really smart and funny). However, this 2010 Sundance favorite was not directed by Joel or Ethan but by newcomer Aaron Schneider. It’s his first feature (and a damn nice cast for his ‘real’ film debut). Before Get Low, Schneider worked mostly in TV and won an Oscar in 2004 for a short film based on a Faulkner short story. NOTE: themes emerge.