Funny Or Die's Pacey-Con steals the show from Comic-Con


While Comic-Con raged, sputtered and presumably died* across the street, Pacey Witter was staging his own convention in a San Diego park. Actor Joshua Jackson, who played every high school girl's favorite character, Pacey, on the WB series "Dawson's Creek," set up his own "Pacey-Con" (subtitled "Capeside to San Diego") for... well, no reason.

Jackson spent most of his time during this amusing stunt by reading random "Dawson's Creek" fan fiction into a megaphone, then charged excited passerby $10 a pop for his autograph. Gawker notes that he probably did a lot of making out, as well.

Hopefully, we'll have a video soon, but in the meantime, Vulture's take on it is visual stimulation enough:

Fringe’s Joshua Jackson - who, of course, played Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek for the show's six seasons - staged an event in honor of both his character and the show. Jackson handed out fan fiction he apparently wrote himself and took pictures with adoring female fans while the Creek theme music blared from a boom box (good luck trying to get that out of your head now). And from the looks of it, Jackson decided to dress like Pacey, too. [Vulture]

*Anyone else getting the feeling that Comic-Con, which once was to comic book adaptations what Sundance was to independent film, is a total embarrassment? Sundance got taken over by the Hollywood mainstream years ago... and now it looks like Comic-Con is just another big ad for whatever crap Tinseltown is promoting this year.

Joshua Jackson at Pacey-Con

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Jul 26 10 - 9:37am

this is both necessary and useful.

Jul 26 10 - 10:17am

DOUBT the writer has ever been to Comic Con. Small time artists are afforded massive audiences they would have never been able to enjoy before. Yes ComicCon is bigger and more saturated by main stream media than it was before but it's a ton of fun for fans of all genres. The movies at Comic Con that are premiered aren't "the spew of Tinseltown". They're usually of high caliber and related to the event, ie The Green Lantern etc. Nerve continues to sound more and more like a whining pretentious uninformed PBR swigging, Parliament cig smoking 22 year old hipster idiot high on life from a recent move from the suburbs to Williamsburg.....

Jul 26 10 - 10:23am

Actually, I think Lindsay has a point. Comic Con's growth isn't necessarily bad and an "embarrassment" but it has changed almost exactly like Sundance has changed. Still a great fun event, but certainly different than it's original intention and certainly it's become way more mainstream. Which is only an opportunity for a new upstart.

Jul 26 10 - 10:47am


Jul 26 10 - 11:08am

Lindsay, as indicated by her byline, is the author of this blog post.

To HA, please tell me how an indictment of Comic Con lends itself to being a 22-year-old hipster?

Jul 28 10 - 6:17pm

all those hipsters with their opinions about republicans and media. always talking down to us normal folks just triyng to make a buck and reading nerve at the steel factory! damn you for stealing my beer!!!