13-year-old pitcher may become first female major leaguer

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Chelsea Baker 

Perhaps you have heard of 13-year-old Chelsea Baker, the little league pitcher who plays for an otherwise-all-boys team in Plant City, Florida. ESPN says she’s had a couple of unbeaten seasons, including a perfect game on a day when she predicted it before throwing the first pitch.

Better yet, she doesn’t like softball and it’s baseball-or-die for her:

"After I usually strike somebody out with a knuckleball, they sometimes start crying back to the dugout, and a lot of them just like open their mouth like they can’t believe it," she said.

Will she make the majors a few years from now? Her supporters say that, despite her dislike of softball, the boys will eventually hit puberty and make it more difficult for the five-foot-four player to keep up her excellent batting average and powerful knuckleball. In other words, it’s too early to determine what she’s capable of, career-wise, but just watching this video of her crushing whole teams is amazing enough.

I love that kid who says "Some people might tease me but I’m gonna deal with it" with a shrug. He is cooler at 12 or 13 than I am now, by great lengths.