Barack Obama to appear on “The View” in a presidential and daytime TV first

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Terry Richardson

It’s no secret that President Obama loves historic firsts. He’s our first hipster president, our first president born in Hawaii, and our first president accused of being born in Kenya. And as the poor people at McGraw-Hill scramble to keep their textbooks up to date, Obama will add another line to his CV this week when he’ll chat with the ladies of The View, becoming the first sitting president to appear on a daytime television show. The historic powwow will take place Wednesday, to be broadcast Thursday.

It should be an illuminating event for Americans, who will hear their highest elected official discuss the economy, the BP oil crisis, and domestic issues (domestic as in his family, not the GDP). In addition to our nation’s current state of affairs, citizens tuning in will also discover who exactly is hosting The View these days. Diane Sawyer? Toni Morrison? Geraldine Ferraro? We can all figure it out this Thursday at 11 am EDT. (Until then, here’s a clip of the last time he was on The View, when he was just a measly senator.)