“Jane Austen’s Fight Club” brings violence to classics like “Emma” and “Pride and Prejudice”

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Fight Club parodies became stale a good way back, probably because they were so easy. (Anyone who tried to make a joke today with "The first rule of _______ is you don’t talk about _______" would get laughs, but probably not the kind they wanted.) But Jane Austen parodies are hot right now, normally involving one or more supernatural creature, and believe it or not, the combination of the two brought some life back into the former.

Maybe it’s because the themes of Fight Club — which had a lot to do with repression of the self — are so believable in Jane Austen’s world of manners and polite society. Or, maybe it’s because the image of people in 19th-century garb punching each other in the face is inherently hilarious. Your call:

That being said, I do feel it’s cheating to use that one song from Kill Bill. Put that song over a video of anyone walking towards a camera and they instantly become bad ass. You could play it over a baby crawling for the first time, and I’d believe that baby was a ninja who could kill me in a hot second. Personally, I think you should try a little bit harder.

Via Buzzfeed.