Links: 2011 Ford Explorer is revealed months early, via Facebook

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the 2011 Ford Explorer redesign via Facebook

The Ford Explorer redesign is revealed via Facebook – in one of the site’s biggest promotional undertaking. Remember when Facebook encouraged you to only friend people you "were actually friends with?" 

Chelsea Baker can throw a sixty-five-mph fastball. She has a nasty knuckleball. She’s pitched two perfect games and won all of her Little League-sanctioned games over the past four years. She’s thirteen-years old. She’s better than you ever will be.

Your single-serving Tumblr of the day is “Hippy Kitchens,” complete with plenty of beards, food, wine, and dorky ’70s fashion.

Clown Funerals: Because even though you shouldn’t laugh, it’s just really hard not to.

If you thought Comic-Con was the place for weird sexual misfits then think ag — actually, yes, yes it is.

Finally, this Will Ferrell-in-a-Jesus-worship-video conspiracy might actually have a little more legitamacy than the Obama-in-the-“Whoomp There It Is”-music-video conspiracy.