Mom constructs awesome daydreams around her sleeping baby

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Mila's daydream of a circus 

Finally, something awesome and positive from the internets.

Last month, new mom Adele began imagining her daughter’s daydreams and creating the amusing scenes around her sleeping form. Now, the maternity leave project Mila’s Daydreams has taken on a huge following after several websites posted these photos:

Mila's daydream of being a giant baby attacking cities

Mila's daydream of being an astronaut

Mila's daydream of being a flying superman

Mila's daydream of being in "Up"

I can just picture the parodies now: photos of Rod Blagojevich dreaming of hookers and $500 bills as he naps in court, Obama dreaming of going back in time to only having to deal with John McCain and your favorite Nerve writers dreaming of… well, I’m sure you can use your imagination.