Naked Russian spy action figure sends nerds into a frenzy

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Anna Chapman's Facebook photo

This weekend, Russian dictator (sorry, pretend "former President") Vladimir Putin feted Anna Chapman and the country’s other exposed spies with wine, women and song. Seriously, he actually sang old KGB hymns with Anna Chapman and the rest of these creepy hooligans, ending with a vague threat about "traitors" who always end up in the gutter or addicted to drugs.

Meanwhile, Chapman’s "B-list celebrity" career is looking more like "A-list celebrity we’ll never be able to ignore." has released a $30 toy likeness of Anna Chapman… which can be turned into a topless Anna Chapman, as this photo reveals:

Anna Chapman doll topless nude naked

The owners told the Daily News they expect Chapman’s doll to sell for a long time, presumably so long as she doesn’t say anything about how awesome New York was and how lame Moscow is.