Links: NBC confirms that Steve Carell will leave “The Office” next year

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Steve Carell in the office

Steve Carell is officially going the leave The Office after next season. NBC is saying the show will continue – and while they’ve got a pretty talented cast – it’s hard to imagine Dunder Mifflin without him.

Watch this video of every single cigarette smoked on Mad Men. We have to admit, smoking looks cool, at least when Jon Hamm does it.

Just when you thought the summer of sexy lady spies couldn’t get any sexier, out comes another, even hotter lady spy from Russia. Why do the pretty ones always have to be a threat to national security?

Just in case you had any childhood nightmares that needed recalling, here’s a photo gallery of Nara Dreamland, an abandoned Disney theme-park in Japan.

And speaking of nightmares, another oil well in the Gulf is apparently leaking – spraying a twenty-foot plume of oil into the water.