Parenting magazine accidentally sends e-mail with nude photo to its mailing list

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Yesterday, Parenting Magazine committed one of the craziest errors in the history of American journalism: an apparent cropping mistake that allowed a full-frontal nude photo of a young girl to end up in the inboxes of every subscriber of its newsletter.

The girl’s age is unknown, but that didn’t stop Parenting from issuing a panicked follow-up e-mail to anyone who responded with a complaint:

"…The staff of deeply regrets the unintentional inclusion of this image, a photograph taken by a professional photographer and intended to be cropped for appropriate viewing.

We have taken every step necessary to remedy this issue to the fullest possible extent. The photo has been permanently removed from this edition of the "Holiday Hints" newsletter, as well as the photo database. We genuinely value and share your concern over this issue…"

Of course, this all begs the obvious questions: why was there a naked girl photo on some staffer’s computer or on the internet, ready for download and use in newsletters, and why was a "professional photographer" taking this picture in the first place?

This story reminds us to double check all our attachments, photos or not. This is a friendly PSA from your Scanner bloggers, who have all had close calls with sending pornography (the legal kind, of course) to parents, strangers and significant others.