Photos of newest sexy spy come to us from Russia, with love

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Anna Fermanova bikini photo

We mentioned the newest (accused) Russian spy, Anna Fermanova, in our Links post yesterday, but that was before we got bombarded with her photos. Also, the internet fell for her pretty hard last night — enough to defect, some of them have said.

Russian spy Anna Fermanova sexy 

Try not to get too excited — she is accused of knowingly and intentionally smuggling three illegal night-vision rifle scopes (which is considered "secret military technology") back home to Moscow and is now under house arrest. Of course, this seems like a harmless crime and thin evidence of espionage, so your requests that she join you for a Stoli nightcap at her place may be accepted.

Fermanova’s profile has mainly been hidden, but you can check out the public version here.

Anna Fermanova russian spy

Is there some qualification in Russia whereby all sexy female spies must be named Anna? Is that a Tolstoy thing?

Anna Fermanova sexy dancer

Anna Fermanova from Russia

Anna Fermanova sexy Russian spy