Terry Gilliam to direct Arcade Fire webcast

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As we recently reported, Arcade Fire will be streaming their 8/5 Madison Square Garden show on YouTube. According to new reports today, this webcast will be directed by none other than disaster-prone filmmaker Terry Gilliam, who’s pretty much the last person you’d expect to be an effective hired gun. Doesn’t a relatively straightforward job like this — highlighting someone else’s work in a difficult-to-manipulate live setting — seem wrong for a detail-obsessed auteur like Gilliam? Politically, he may be fairly rock-‘n-roll, but artistically, he’s more or less the opposite. (Maybe you could say the same about Arcade Fire, actually.) I’m picturing him looking gloomily at a bunch of clips and muttering, "Isn’t there a dense nest of pneumatic tubing we can cut to?" Regardless, now Arcade Fire fans and Terry Gilliam fans have something to look forward to being confused by.