CBS announces it will add token gay characters, notes that many of its friends are gay

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GLAAD recently slammed CBS — for the second year in a row — for failing to feature "fair, accurate and inclusive" representations of gay characters. (This follows controversy in January when CBS refused to air a dumb Super Bowl ad that featured two men kissing.) In response, CBS president Nina Tassler told Michael Jensen at today, "We are adding a few [gay] characters to this season because we are very disappointed in our track record so far." Specifically:

We’re going to meet Alicia’s brother on The Good Wife as a gay character. We’re also going to be adding a new character to Rules of Engagement. Jeff and Audrey’s surrogate will be a member of Jeff’s softball team and she’s a lesbian. We’re also going to be recurring a gay character in Bleep My Dad Says.

Bleep My Dad Says is, of course, the questionably conceived adaptation of the widely admired Twitter feed Shit My Dad Says, starring William Shatner as "My Dad." (Say, what’s George Takei up to these days?) Bottom line, Tassler’s quote mostly reminds me that neither I nor anyone I know watches anything on CBS outside of How I Met Your Mother and Letterman.