Justin Timberlake directs S&M-filled tequila commercial

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake’s new commercial directing job has its perks — namely: sex, booze and bondage.

For years, we questioned the validity of Justin Timberlake’s career. He started off in the "band" N’Sync, which was only half as cool as Hanson*, then got into overplayed pop music that seemed to indicate people would forgive him for his boy band days and allow him to achieve "respected" status. Then came his secret bass playing for The Flaming Lips in bunny or penguin costumes (true story) and the video for "Dick In A Box" and we decided he couldn’t be half bad.

This video seals it. It’s a commercial he directed for 901 Tequila, which looks like a cannon and probably contains at least eight benders worth of booze. It also gives us an idea what kind of wild nights of sexual pleasure that must go on at the Biel-Timberlake residence, if they’re still together, that is.

Did you catch lines from John Stuart Mill’s "On Liberty" in there? JT, you are tugging at our heartstrings.

His other spots have sadly reduced S&M contents. However, it’s way (future)sexier:

*It should go without saying that this Hanson remark is not a compliment, despite Hanson’s newfound glory as a bunch of older dudes playing in halfway-respectable bands.