Kristen Schaal on Letterman is predictably hilarious

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Why does this woman not get more work? Kristen Schaal — who you may remember as "that funny woman who appeared in a bunch of different things for like a minute, with the voice? What is her name?" — made her debut on The Late Show last night, and true to form, she was laugh-out-loud funny. She’s good throughout, but she really gets going when she starts talking about her her job as an FAO Schwartz character, "Peppermint Twist."

Schaal, despite being pretty clearly well loved by lots of more famous comedy people, never really gets her due. She was in Mad Men for like, one episode. She is probably the least regular correspondent on The Daily Show. Lots of crappy movies have used her as set decoration, more or less. It’s a damn shame. The only show that really recognized her potential was the dearly departed Flight of the Conchords.

So, in honor of that, and to prove to you how good she really is, here’s a compilation of some of her best moments from that show, in which she plays Mel, a married woman who is the band’s biggest fan/stalker.

Here’s hoping Dinner for Schmucks brings her the recognition she deserves.

Via Huffington Post.