Links: Bush will release memoir during election season, to the irritation of Repbulicans

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Tony Hayward BP CEO

Tony Hayward – the disgraced BP chief – is stepping down. Here’s a list of other jobs he could do. Our vote is for Nautica model.

With the midterm elections just around the corner, George W. Bush has decided to release his memoir smack dab in the middle of next fall. Now, who can tell us why that is pissing a bunch of Republicans off?

Everything has a beginning; even the biggest, baddest sites out there were once just a single post. Here’s a round-up of the baby steps of some of today’s web giants. Huffpo got its start with a post about Freedom Fries. Remeber those?

The Twitterverse has its newest verified account – Kanye West‘s. We will not venture a guess as to whether this is a good or a bad thing.

And finally, CBS has announced a new talk show called, originally, The Talk. Apparently, it’s kind of like The View, hosted by a good mix of lesbians and scientologists.