Ever wish all those people who write into advice columns (like our very own Miss Information!) included the other person's side of the story? 

The woman who suspects her husband of cheating could be called out by the husband who says his wife blew two other marriages this same way (and both of those guys still protest their innocence.) The dude who wonders why his girlfriend can't get off from oral sex could be politely scolded by his lady, who might suggest he try asking her what feels good for her next time.

CouplesSpark aims to take that to a new level, which Mashable correctly calls crowdsourcing your relationship drama:

CouplesSpark allows guys and gals to voice both sides of the issue, and reap advice from other community users in order to come to a resolution.

...While you could have a huge public fight and subsequently poll the assembled gawkers as to who is in the right, that would probably be pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved. That’s where CouplesSpark comes in.

It’s a pretty simple concept — merely create an account and post your respective sides of the story (anonymously or publicly). Community members can then vote on who’s in the right, and voice their opinions in the comments.

Would any of you consider trying this out the next time you feel the urge to publicly vent?


Commentarium (6 Comments)

Jul 30 10 - 10:37am

Seems like a good idea. The second letter in this week's Miss Information had a lot of readers divided, and knowing the boyfriend's side of the story would help a lot.

Jul 30 10 - 10:51am

I'm not sure my partner would take kindly to me airing our dirty laundry in public, but I'd love to read about how other people resolved their relationship conflicts.

Jul 30 10 - 11:37am

Yeah...interesting idea, but I can't see anyone actually doing it.

Jul 30 10 - 11:39am

This will be as popular as the marriage ref without the star power. Lame.

Aug 02 10 - 1:11pm

Oh I can easily imagine people doing this. Everyone thinks they're right, and they'll all want "the people" confirming their rightness. I wouldn't subject myself to something like that for money. I'd comment on other people's posts though.

Dec 17 11 - 4:54pm

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