Early ’90s video will make you rethink the definition of “hunk”

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Did people in the early ’90s really think that overly buff guys with long, Jheri-curled hair were the apex of hotness? Because that is just not a good look. (I expect the men in my neighborhood to start sporting it in approximately .30 seconds.) It almost feels like cheating, posting a video from Everything Is Terrible, and yet I just cannot pass on the opportunity to show this to you:

HUNKS. Amirite, ladies?

Actually, this reminds me of an interview I did with the the former MC of Chippendales, David Henry Sterry, about the roided-up, homophobic-yet-homoerotic strippers he used to corral in the ’80s. In that I can’t believe people found that attractive. But to each their own, I guess.

Via Videogum.