New AskMen study gives some good news about men, finally

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Gerard Butler for AskMen

Forgive the silly and triumphant headline of this post — it’s just so rare that positive news, especially about the direction the male gender is headed in, pops up in our news feeds. The results from a new AskMen survey cast mankind in a refreshingly positive light. Without further ado, here’s what we learned:

What’s the most important trait when considering a relationship with a woman? Loyalty.

Is it super important that women you’re dating are "wife material"? Yes, but it’s not a dealbreaker if they aren’t.

Do you believe in the instutition of marriage? Yes, I believe it is a necessary institution and one in which I will participate to help preserve.

How important is the prenup? It’s not.

If there was no chance in your partner catching you, would you still cheat? No.

What would you change about your life? The fact that I’m single.

How many dates should the dude shell out for? As many as necessary until you’re a couple.

Do you read her e-mails? No, I respect her privacy. (This somewhat contradicts an earlier story we ran based on this survey and another one like it.)

Maybe us males aren’t the villains even we’ve portrayed ourselves as. Maybe there’s hope. Maybe.

Image of Gerard Butler from AskMen, of course.