Links: The sexiness of Christina Hendricks renders a newscaster speechless

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Mad Men's Christina Hendricks

The sexiness of Christina Hendricks is a force of nature. In this clip, she turns a seasoned reporter into a blob of blubbering goo by talking about taking a bath.


A cool new tumblr is making art out of CAPTCHA text, in a graphically satisfying attempt to make sense out of phrases like "Finally Leopard" and "Word Legros" that have become a part of our internet lives.

Unfortunately, I just heard that someone was planning to write a children’s book about Sarah Palin. Fortunately, I also just heard that it’s been postponed indefinitely.

Every day I like to watch one bit of random, web-specific prettiness. This slow-motion video of an explosion is today’s.

And finally, yesterday we found out that there "Seven Keymasters" with the power to restart the internet, should it ever, you know, break. (Around here, we operate on the assumption that it won’t). Who would you want to have the keys?