Lost Hayden Panettiere nude photo hits the web

hayden panettiere nude photo ass

Last year, Hayden Panettiere posed for the arty photography book "Room 23" by Deborah Anderson, in which she appeared in a barely-there outfit.

Apparently, Panettiere also posed for a photo in which she sat on the floor in the nude with her back to the camera. She didn't intend for the picture to be released, but the publishers didn't see what the big deal was and leaked the photo to the web recently to drum up some last-ditch press. Some will be disappointed that she isn't facing the camera, but this might be the best chance horndogs have to ever see her hotness in all its glory.

Here's an enhanced version of the above photo:

hayden panettiere naked


Commentarium (22 Comments)

Jul 29 10 - 12:36pm
G Unit

Save the Cheerleader

Jul 29 10 - 12:51pm

she looks like a hot amputee

Jul 29 10 - 1:01pm

I don't see what the big deal is either. A butt's not nudity.

Jul 29 10 - 1:03pm

It's a nice picture but did they really need to release it without her consent?

Jul 29 10 - 6:42pm

She's so talented and naked.

Jul 29 10 - 6:56pm

That's Marisa Miller. FAIL!!!!!!!!!

Jul 29 10 - 9:05pm

That's not Hayden. This website is terrible.

Jul 29 10 - 9:38pm

As other sites have shown, the moles match up identically. This is indeed the talentless midget actress.

Jul 29 10 - 10:00pm

For sure that is not Hayden. As much as I would like to think it is her, it really is Marisa Miller. Here is the Photo Set from Marisa Miller..


Jul 29 10 - 11:46pm

Way to ruin it Bigten

Jul 30 10 - 12:20am

ITS 100% HAYDEN! The photographer basically confirmed it without actually saying her name - she said it was a famous actress (Marisa Miller is NOT a famous actress) who is also featured in this photobook in a clothed photo (as Hayden was!). The photographer also said a tattoo was removed so as not to give away her identity (Hayden has a tattoo on her side!). Also the moles on her back match up perfectly. and so does her size, legs etc its definitely Hayden!!

Jul 30 10 - 12:48am

You Suck At Photoshop

Jul 14 11 - 9:32am

They are all just jealous Hayden!!! Who gives a f. You look great!!!

Jul 31 10 - 12:19pm

who cares which chick she is?! thats a fine tush! :D

Aug 01 10 - 1:36pm

nice asss

Aug 06 10 - 5:34am

that's hayden, i can tell from the tush, and by having seen a few tushs in my time.

Aug 20 10 - 7:25am

who gives a s**t?
Let's see the other side.

Aug 23 10 - 7:16am

i think she looks hot

Dec 28 10 - 2:37am

nice butt

Jan 18 11 - 4:00am
hayden <3

yum yum give me some!

Apr 18 11 - 6:15am

It was in GQ in the UK months ago...

Apr 22 11 - 8:27pm

I can only dream of screwing her face while she's on her knees looking up at me! Sooooooo hot for hayden!