“Thor” trailer makes us wonder if it will be a new “Iron Man” or a new “Hulk”

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Thor, Marvel’s next step towards the 2012 Avengers movie (which will fulfill all my dreams and allow me to die a happy man), released its first trailer today, and while it was clearly made out of the few scenes that had the benefit of post-production, I think it looks okay. I’m confident that a superhero movie directed by Kenneth Branagh will surprise and delight.

Also, Chris Hemsworth looks jacked:

That being said, I’m not going to go on record yet. There is some some silly costuming, though that’s probably unavoidable. For the record, Thor looks like this in the comics:

Hard to make that not look silly. But I digress.

So, readers, what do we think? There are a few lines that make me think Iron Man ("You know, for a crazy homeless person, he’s…pretty cut.") and then also some speechifying moments that make me think Hulk (as the title of this post suggests). Does the first trailer excite or disappoint?

Via Vulture.