AOL & Vanity Fair legal analyst pens love letter to his ex on her wedding day

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Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate

A legal analyst who writes for Vanity Fair posted a story on AOL Politics that paints him as an anti-Benjamin Braddock, watching as the love of his life gets married to another man and having no bad feelings about it.

While that may be a wonderful, noble thing to wish her well, Andrew Cohen certainly picked an unusual outlet to unload — his political column:

The great love of my life marries today and I am not the groom. I had my chance, a few years ago, but did not realize until too late how fleeting my moment with her was meant to be. Whether it was my fault or hers, and, let’s face it, it was probably mine, I will wonder always about the life I might have had with the most loving and loveable woman I have ever known. Sometimes, I finally now understand, love, even crazy love, is not enough. Sometimes, as the romance novelists know, timing is everything.

But today is not a day for remorse. It is not a day for lost causes. Today is a day for celebration. The woman I once promised to keep happy is happy.

He goes on to celebrate her in a very humble fashion, mainly for rescuing him after his rough divorce and for being a great mother figure to his son. It seems like the reason it didn’t work out is because Cohen stuck with New York City and, after his girlfriend moved, they grew apart. ("Ours was a romance without rancor; a love affair that ended in peace, not war," he says.)

Try not to choke up when you come to the concluding paragraphs. This man won’t be single for long, the way he looks at relationships…