Geek culture is ruining cinema, according to the “The Guardian”

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Tron: Legacy

The Guardian argues that the movie experience has been ruined by "the nerds, the geeks, those superfans." (The paper, apparently now published by Nelson Muntz, mercifully left out dweebs, spazzes, and Poindexters in its assessment of geekdom.) Ryan Gilbey, the article’s author, takes particular issue with the information-hungry fanboy culture, which he says has ruined cinema’s "element of surprise." 

He then got some famous people to back him up. Michael Sheen, who’ll play the villain in Tron: Legacy, complained that fan culture "loses interest in the [movie] you’re publicizing — they just want you to tell them about the next one." Upholding the standards of journalistic objectivity, Gilbey then consulted the good guy from Tron: Legacy, Jeff Bridges, who says more or less the same thing that the bad guy said. Bridges also adds that he is a fanboy himself, before recalling having watched The Empire Strikes Back in theaters, free of spoilers. "I remember seeing that famous scene, you know," he said in suspiciously unfanboy-like fashion. " ‘I am your father, Luke.’ "

If that misquotation of Darth Vader hasn’t sent you running for your inhaler yet, then you deserve a reward. Here’s Patton Oswalt being hilarious at ComicCon’s Tron Legacy panel: