Links: Women get less annoying spam and online ads than men

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New Meme Keanu in a helmet

Apparently, if you change the gender of your online profiles to female (assuming you aren’t one already) you can avoid a lot of annoying ads. There is just nothing as irritating as penis-enlargement spam.

Keanu Reeves himself has managed to make the original Sad Keanu meme even sadder just by wearing a motorcycle helmet and drinking some juice. Memes. They bring us such joy.

Great dad? Or the greatest Dad?

The main character in Rubicon looks a lot like the not-Jane-Lynch teacher in Glee. They’re both named Will, too. Here’s how to tell them apart.

And finally, watch Jon Stewart respond to Barack Obama’s appearance on The View. The take-away is "Barack, nothing you ever do will ever make us fucking happy." But it’s worth it just to see Stewart ripping on those four ladies and their couch.

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