“Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant lets us look into Don Draper’s closet

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If there is one thing everyone seems to agree on when it comes to Mad Men, it’s how amazing the clothes are. You might think Don Draper is a dog, or you might think he’s a hero, but you know for sure that he’s a man who can pull of a suit. The series has always played on fetishizing the objects and style of the early ’60s, so getting a peek into the workings behind the outfits of Don, Betty, Peggy, and Joan is a real treat. In this video, costume designer Janie Bryant takes us into the costuming trailer (which doesn’t sound as glamorous as I had hoped) and explains some of the new looks for our favorite characters in the upcoming season:

I do not envy the actresses who are forced to wear all the undergarments required to pull of those looks. (Which, actually, reminds me of perhaps my favorite Mad Men clothing moment: the opening montage of Betty, Peggy, and Joan getting dressed set to The Decemberists’ "Infanta".)

This all, of course, raises the question of whether there is any job on earth that would be better than costume designer for Mad Men. Professional bonbon eater, maybe?

Via Gawker.