David Lynch and M.I.A. will judge your vimeos

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Sure, you’ve got a Youtube page full of garbage, but your vimeo channel is where you keep the top-shelf action, the resume builders. There’s that pretty cool stop-motion video you made for film class way back when, the short-lived web series that, sadly, was not picked up by FX or Cartoon Network. It’s where artists go to work, share, and dream the big dream of making really strange music videos.

Thankfully, vimeo will host its first ever "Festival + Awards" event (dig the minimalism). Included in the already impressive panel of judges are the likes of M.I.A., David Lynch, Roman Coppola, Lawrence Lessig, Ted Hope, Morgan Spurlock, and a man primarily known as "Ze Frank." The deadline for videos is today, so submit, you young ambitious go-getters. David Lynch can know that you exist.