Michigan seeing a sudden influx of bikini baristas

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Hot Sot Coffee Company bikini barista

A coffee company in East Township, Michigan is making headlines with its risque blending of hot women and hot beverages. Like similar establishments in Maine, Washington and Oregon, The Hot Spot offers great deals like $1 breakfast tacos, gourmet brews and sexy women in revealing outfits.

According to their MySpace page, they even have something called Topless Tuesdays, which we can only fantasize about.

Despite some eye-rolling from local officials and skepticism from residents, the Troy location has been successful since getting a makeover in May, the owners report. The Brighton shop, which opened this week, has been controversial as well, but business is brisk.

Some people in these communities argue the chain’s signage is distasteful (promotions include Topless Tuesdays, Bottomless Wednesdays and Fantasy Fridays), but provocative or not, no laws have been broken. Co-owner Brenda Zelda said anyone who doesn’t like the idea shouldn’t buy coffee there. [Michigan Live]

Hot Spot bikini girls

Bikini baristas at the Hot Spot

Check out the address of the Hot Spot Coffee Company — we’re not making this up:

2969 E. Big Beaver