Hugh Hefner admits that he always considered women sex objects

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Hugh Hefner girlfriends

Hugh Hefner is currently on a publicity tour unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. The 82-year-old porn magnate is promoting a new documentary about himself, which covers, in depth, his years as the founder of Playboy.

In an interview in Sunday’s New York Daily News, Hef talks Viagra, bestiality, Woody Allen, blond girls and his favorite pickup line.

In some quarters, sex and my life remain controversial. I think the director felt obliged to give the other side a voice, and then I had a chance to respond to them.

The notion that Playboy turns women into sex objects is ridiculous. Women are sex objects. If women weren’t sex objects, there wouldn’t be another generation. It’s the attraction between the sexes that makes the world go ’round. That’s why women wear lipstick and short skirts.

I’m actually a very moral guy [in bed]. No horses, no reptiles.

Thank goodness for the arrival of Viagra. It breaks down that wall. But I think you gain some experience over the years and that helps. Woody Allen said, "If you don’t think that sex is dirty, you’re not doing it right."

…since the end of my marriage, all of my girlfriends have been blonds. I have made the comment that Picasso went through his pink period and his blue period before he arrived at his abstract period. I am in my blond period.

"What’s your best pickup line?" I said, "My best pickup line is, ‘Hi, my name is Hugh Hefner.’"