Italy’s Miss Chubby beauty pageant embraces the plus-size woman

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Angela Scognamiglio

On Saturday night, a Tuscan village in Italy named Angela Scognamiglio the new Miss Chubby.

Scognamiglio defeated 30 other overweight women to capture the 21st annual crown and the hearts of many. "I am very moved, I feel as if I’ve won the lottery," she said in her acceptance speech.

The model and her fellow competitors paraded before thousands of audience members, although, interestingly, not all sported bikinis or other revealing clothing. They generally presented themselves as they would on an everyday basis, as if to say: "You shouldn’t have to see me in a bikini to think I’m attractive."

But the crucial moment in the contest was the weigh-in, stepping onto a huge red scale where everyone could see the result – with the roundest beauty clinching the title.

No big prize for the winner, just a huge cake to share around, and perhaps for all the contestants a boost in self-esteem in contrast to the mockery many obese face. [The Age]

The contestants say they face day-to-day discrimination because of their sizes and that the contest helps offset some of that humiliation and for that we have to give it a thumbs-up, although we hope that all the models are able to find the right balance of healthy living and healthy body image.