“Mad Men” and “True Blood”: recapping the sexy bits

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This week, our two favorite Sunday night dramas got dark. (Well, perhaps it is more accurate to say that the so-insane-it’s-hilarious True Blood got "dark", and the actually serious Mad Men got Dark.) So what sort of sexual skullduggery did our beloved and/or tolerated characters get up to last night?

True Blood

Really?: In what I think is a first for this show, no one had sex last night. The closest thing we got (and this is really saying something) was an air kiss between vampire Queen Sophie and (gay) vampire King Russel after their marriage of convenience was performed. You better step up your game next week, True Blood.

When You’re In a Coma, No One Wears a Shirt: There was some very sensual frolicking in Sookie’s coma-world, though. Topless frolicking.

Total: Nada, except some boobs.

Mad Men

Now What Will You Do For Secretary’s Day?: Sure, we’ve seen more than one man on this show have sex with his girl Friday, but that always seemed to be over the line for Don, and we respected him for that. Until he drunkenly forgot his keys at the office Christmas party, and secretary Allison had to swing by to let him in…to her pants! (Ba-dum-*gunshot*) Which made the hundred dollar holiday bonus he paid her the next time they saw each other exceptionally gross.

Sow Those Wild Oats: Don flirts with a sexy neighbor. Don flirts with a sexy scientist. Don flirts with a sexy potted plant. You know how this goes.

Like a Virgin: We only say the moment right after, but it’s pretty clear that Peggy and her new boyfriend had sex for the first time. Unfortunately, he also thinks it was her first time. It was probably wise not to mention that whole love child thing, but she couldn’t even tell this dude she’s not a virgin? I’d hate to see Peggy settle for some square when she was only just starting to understand her own awesomeness.

Total: Two rather depressing counts of sex, extremely high levels of Draper-charisma.