Watch: Kenny Powers signs a K-SWISS deal in hilarious new video

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Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down

If Don Draper’s downward spiral is worrying you, cheer up: Kenny Powers, who has had his own professional and personal troubles, is proof that second chances do exist. A video released yesterday (by those masters of journalism at Funny Or Die) shows the Eastbound and Down star confidently fingering a sneaker as he negotiates an endorsement deal with K-SWISS:

Powers commands the room in a way Draper no longer can, forcefully voicing his refusal to deal with any "lawyer lingo, jingo, fucking mingo." After laying down his business terms, Powers then pitches his creative concepts: a cage match, where he’ll "break his [opponent’s] neck, murder the motherfucker" in the name of K-SWISS; an ad in which he simply has sex with a woman while wearing the sneakers; and a viral campaign in which he has sex with the same woman some more, but this time on the Great Wall of China, among other places. Hopefully, we’ll see these innovative ideas come to fruition when Eastbound returns to HBO on September 26.