7-year-old sells $200K worth of paintings in 30 minutes

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Kieron Williamson painting

The latest sensation on the art scene is — no surprise here — a seven-year-old boy.

His name is Kieron Williamson, and after the British media heralded the arrival of a natural-born talent, his gallery show sold out in under half an hour, garnering $236,850 for 33 pieces. The collectors are not your standard art buyers, as some camped out in front of the gallery for days just to get a piece of the action.

There is obviously going to be a contingent of detractors who think the parents did most of the painting, especially after a "60 Minutes" story seemed to indicate several other child "geniuses" are actually hoaxes. Kieron was seen running around the parking lot after some bubbles when his sale was underway and expressed surprise at the demand for his work — but showed no signs of being some sort of balloon boy-type pawn for greedy parents.

kieron williamson

As Justin Bieber dominates "popular" music and teenage girls are pitching perfect games in Little League, expect to hear numerous stories about "prodigies" making huge amounts of money while professional grown-ups languish in the welfare line.

Via ABC News.