El-P album “Weareallgoingtoburn inhellmegamixxx3” released today

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Love the sublety. Quiet, subdued points were never El-P’s strong point; The man makes big, balls-out proclamations. He’s our man on the street. If there’s something to be said, he’ll say it, fast. (Quite often we’re not exactly what he’s saying or why he’s saying it.)

On "EMG," one of the grandest (and maybe grandiose) tracks from his last album I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, El-P growls, "I wanna sell you the dream/ I wanna watch you come apart at the seams." It’s pretty urgent, he has a message, though we’re not exactly sure what he’s warning us about.

But it’s okay because the Definitive Jux founder knows how to craft an album. There’s a certain showmanship to his record, which is what makes him such a great producer and collaborator. He has the same kind of penchant for old jingles, cartoon wackiness and what I’ll label as "graffiti culture" and leave it at that as Def Jux label mate Aesop Rock. (Although El-P never be as good a lyricist as Aesop, because no one is as good a lyricist as Aesop.) El-P’s last album featured Cat Power, Trent Reznor and The Mars Volta. Like I said, the man knows how to craft an ensemble piece.

Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 is supposed to have a little bit of everything (even discarded Young Jeezy instrumentals), which would make sense for the rapper that tries to do it all.