Kanye West’s amazing tweets recreated as “New Yorker” cartoons

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Please, please believe me when I say that Kanye West’s Twitter feed is one of the most entertaining things on the Internet right now. West has always had a knack for being completely unself-conscious when it comes to anything online, and something about these tweets strikes such a perfect mix between grandiose, insane, and hilarious. Allow me to just share a few choice examples:

Yes. I’m sure he does need that goblet in his life. (For the record, it’s some sort of ancient Phoenician looking thing.)

Hey, Kanye: what is the shit?

Of course it is. Anything else?

Those tweets went out within twenty minutes of each other. I’d like to take a moment to commend Kanye on the breadth of his interests. Anyway, you get the picture: this is some Internet gold right here. But now some very funny person has started to pair Kanye’s tweets with the images from New Yorker cartoons. It’s as amazing as you’d expect:

Honestly, the tweets are just oblique enough to seem like actual captions. You can check out more here (where it seems like new ones are still being added at a pretty good pace).

Via Vulture.