Links: A left-right coalition of motivated stoners push to legalize pot

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Where do radical libertarian Tea-Partiers and leftist college kids see eye-to-eye? Pot. The "Just Say Now" movement (a pun on "Just Say No") seems to be gaining ground. Left-right cooperation? What’s next, well-organized potheads?

A man – with what might be the strangest-looking chest we’ve ever seen – charged the field at a Brazilian soccer game and stripped down to a zebra-print thong. Typical.

Yesterday there was Tina Fey’s Mutual Savings Bank commercial. Today, watch Paul Rudd DJ a bat mitzvah way back in 1992, complete with awkward 13-year-olds and awesome 90s fashion.

Do you love Law & Order? Well, odds are the feeling isn’t mutual.

And finally, now your favorite memes can exist not just in your computer, but on top of it as well!