Where do radical libertarian Tea-Partiers and leftist college kids see eye-to-eye? Pot. The "Just Say Now" movement (a pun on "Just Say No") seems to be gaining ground. Left-right cooperation? What's next, well-organized potheads?

A man - with what might be the strangest-looking chest we've ever seen - charged the field at a Brazilian soccer game and stripped down to a zebra-print thong. Typical.

Yesterday there was Tina Fey’s Mutual Savings Bank commercial. Today, watch Paul Rudd DJ a bat mitzvah way back in 1992, complete with awkward 13-year-olds and awesome 90s fashion.

Do you love Law & Order? Well, odds are the feeling isn’t mutual.

And finally, now your favorite memes can exist not just in your computer, but on top of it as well!

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Aug 03 10 - 6:41pm

'(a pun on "Just Say No")'. Thanks Nerve, we wouldn't have figured that out on our own.

Aug 03 10 - 8:36pm

The guy on the soccer field has had pec implants instead of working out. Get them too big and they look like tits.

Aug 03 10 - 9:14pm

KS - I might not have caught it - I'm Canadian and was born after the Nancy Reagan anti-drug initiative. So, thanks Nerve.

Jun 12 11 - 10:40am

Wow, your post makes mine look fleebe. More power to you!