Naked bachelor party spirals out of control as Air Force, media show up

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Stag party naked boat fishing

A nude fishing trip, the penultimate event in a young man’s bachelor party, ended in chaos over the weekend when the Coast Guard and Royal Air Force showed up at the scene.

Apparently, the party’s organizers neglected to inform the boat’s captain of their plan, but he didn’t stop the ship in time. Soon, the Coast Guard had alerted the Air Force to "the disturbance" and they swooped in to take his surveillance photo, which immediately ended up in the hands of the media.

And that’s why you should never get married, folks.

Seriously, though, this sounds like the new way to send a guy off. The Sun reported on what might be a new stag trend — although they sadly digitized out all the "naughty bits," as they might say. But this will still become the photo of the week, without a doubt.

Other fishing boats sailed over to have a better look as the lads stood on deck catching mackerel, bass and gurnard – stark naked.

Mark, 48, said: "It’s the first time anyone has done a full monty on my fishing boat.

"It was all good fun. They were like it for more than an hour-and-a-half and were well behaved.

"They did invite me to join in, but it was a bit chilly for me."

The lads, from Bradley Stoke, Bristol, were on a stag weekend in Swansea for bridegroom Dave Lloyd. [The Sun]