BP says “Static Kill” works, one-third of oil retrieved

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At a White House press conference held this morning, the government confirmed what BP scientists discovered yesterday: "Static Kill" is working. The process involves pumping a whole lot of mud into the Deepwater Horizon rig, and for now, it’s sticking. We also learned the difficult-to-swallow news that approximately one-third of the oil has been retrieved, evaporated, dispersed, whatever. Point is, one-third of the oil is inexplicably gone. (Or explicably gone if you understand what "chemically dispersed" means, why it’s not great for the ocean, or how it works.)

It seems like every news outlet has a different number – some are saying one-third of the oil has been retrieved, others say two-thirds. And if these wildly fluctuating numbers don’t make you feel warm and safe, there’s always this pie chart that Jane Lubchenco of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed us through the TeeVee:

Jane Lubchenco: scientist person, not allied with BP, person we can trust? There’s the overwhelming agreement between government officials, BP, and experts in the field – yes, it’s working. Let’s hope.