Forty billionaries plan to donate half their wealth to charity

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Warren Buffett

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are taking an enormous, charitable leap forward with plans to donate half of their wealth to charity and encouraging other billionaires to do the same. Both men are celebrated philanthropists – The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is the largest private charity in the world and Warren Buffett has already donated eighty-three percent of his crazy, crazy Buffett dollars to various charities. Still, an undertaking this large is unprecedented.

The list of forty pledgers includes Michael Bloomberg, T. Boone Pickens, Ted Turner, George Lucas, and several hedge fund heads whom are not characteristically in the spirit of giving. (Kidding. Thank you for everything, bankers.)

No word yet on when the money will be donated or where, but have faith in the fact that these billionaires will follow through because a) donating your many millions and billions is not something you can publicly renege on, and b) the totally sweet "Forty Billionaires Club" varsity jackets.

Gates and Buffett will make their way through China and India in the upcoming months, hoping to rally more pledgers abroad.

Via AP