“I’m Still Here” poster is an elegant expression of Joaquin Phoenix taking a nap

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movie poster for "I'm Still Here"

The documentary of the actor’s "lost years" will make for one of the strangest celebrity documentaries ever. (When you’re an Oscar-winning actor who has a breakdown on national television and then goes on to pursue a rap career under the lenses of several HD cameras, there can be no "lost years.")

There’s no public demand for this project – it seems doomed to the halls of Pure Spectacle and Unintentional Irony, the least artful of all halls. But this thing was made with good intentions, and director Casey Affleck probably conceived it as an exploration of art and genius and sanity – all things very much The Phoenix. (Affleck was also charged with two counts of sexually harrassing different ladies on set, so if he’s asking us to reevaluate the context of art and how it’s made, HE WINS.)

Anyway, the poster for the doc is pretty rad. If you check out this link you can see other movie posters the artist Neil Kellerhouse worked on. The documentary premieres on September 10.