Pentagon refuses Afghan War access to the Rolling Stones reporter who got McChrystal fired

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Barack Obama and Stanley McChrystal Rolling Stone

The Pentagon has reportedly denied an embed request from a Rolling Stone reporter. If the synapses in your head are already firing wildly about, don’t be alarmed. Your informed brain is reminding you that, not too long ago, a reporter from that very magazine published a story that ended General Stanley McChrystal’s career.

Michael Hastings is the intrepid young Rolling Stone correspondent in both cases. The denial of his request to join our troops in Afghanistan surprised many, given that the Pentagon rarely snubs journalists looking to give the troops a voice. Then again, Hastings did get their boss very publicly fired, so maybe it was a little bold for him to expect the military to be like, "Yeah dude, no problem, we’d love to spend our precious resources making sure you don’t get hurt."

And though the AP hasn’t confirmed this yet, we’re 99% sure that this is how Hastings reacted when he heard his embed request was denied: