“Road to Perdition” sequel almost under way

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Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition

As someone who walked into Road to Perdition knowing very little about it – least of all that it was based off a comic book (but Tom Hanks, you guys!), it became one of those films that move you unexpectedly, and as a result, you don’t forget. It’s rare that a contemporary movie uses every ounce of violence and recycles it emotionally, but that’s what this film did. (It also makes you sad as hell.)

Road to Perdition didn’t have a big turnout in theatres, but that’s not stopping development on a sequal – trilogy, even: Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise. Max Allan Collins, the writer of the original Road to Perdition comic will begin adapting the two graphic novels for film. But even he’s not too sure if the project will get picked up:

We seem to be right on the brink, or maybe it’s the precipice, I don’t know (Laughs), of a deal being signed. Things have gotten very, very serious and I have, for years, held onto it as a project I would direct, because I have directed five independent films. It does look like, now, that I won’t be directing, but it is my script. /Film

The director’s chair is empty for now and it’s doutbful that Sam Mendes would return to direct. Just a hunch, but he usually goes for new, original projects and I don’t think sequels are his bag. Hopefully, Collins will get his shot. It would be seriously interesting to see a comics writer direct his own work.