Science says guys who want to get laid should wear more red

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Chris Pine from Star Trek

A new study claims that women (and most other female primates) are attracted to the color red, so wear it more often if you want some action.

The esteemed Universities of Rochester and Munich has this report, which has something to do with blood stimuli in a man’s face. Also, they say red can make some of our ancestors crazy with sexual desire, so don’t wear the above-pictured plaid shirt around any gorillas.

Elliot and his colleagues carried out studies in which ladies were shown pictures of men in different coloured shirts. Men in red were perceived by the women as significantly more attractive, and they expressed themselves much more likely to have sex with the scarlet-clad chaps. The same effect was seen even where a red border was added to black-and-white photos – it seems that the colour red simply has a devastatingly lubricious effect on the female mind. [The Register]

That, or all the hot guys photographed for the study (say, Chris Pine, for example) were wearing red.