Mindy Kaling’s Subtle Sexuality will return to “The Office”

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Mindy Kaling — writer, producer, and star of The Office — has confirmed that Subtle Sexuality, the girl group formed by her character, Kelly Kapoor, and the hapless secretary Erin, will return in future webisodes with two new songs. Collaborators Nard Dog and Mr. Understood (AKA Andy and Ryan, in horrifying revelatory hilarious faux-rapper style) will be back as well. Can I take moment to say that I am extremely excited? If you haven’t seen the video for their first single, "Male Prima Donna", something deep and profound is missing from your life:

Now, Kaling hasn’t said too much about the return, besides the fact that it’s happening, but she did have this to say about the evolution of the group’s musical stylings:

The writers tried to cover so many different genres because we do it so infrequently.

I’m not even sure what that will mean (I’m hoping for some sort of Broadway/hip-hop mashup), but somehow also time travel is involved. I smell Grammy.

Via Vulture.