Obama dismisses fears of a ‘double-dip’ recession

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Even though Obama seems fairly certain we won't experience another dip, the nation's leading economists (or the ones parroted in the news, at least) think otherwise. While there have been no more job losses in past few months, there hasn't been much job creation, especially in the private sector. (Not to mention the thousands of jobs lost as the census draws to a close.)

The pessimism stems from all the jobs economists expected to crop up in the month of July, but didn't.

The Department drastically revised its number for June down to a loss of 221,000 jobs. The agency originally reported that 125,000 jobs were lost in June. Private sector hiring in June, originally reported at 83,000, was revised downward to 31,000.

Figures released last week confirmed that the American economy slowed in the spring, and the Labor Department’s numbers pointed toward a hiring stall this summer. With more than 8 million people having lost their jobs during the recession, such tepid job growth cannot begin to plug the hole.

While joblessness may have doubled since the recession started in December 2007, statistics show that it's not worsening. (It's just not really improving, like it fucking should be.) Do you side with Obama or everyone else? Start making bets on the "double-dip" now.