Watch Iggy Pop degrade before your very eyes

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Iggy Pop

Buzzfeed decided to gift us with a timeline of Iggy Pop's slow transformation Robert Redford-dom.

Creepy, but I fail to see the purpose of showing us a celebrity's physical decline over several decades. Yeah, this sixty-year-old guy has loose skin. And no, I guess performing shirtless for forty years didn't help his cause. (Nor did the heroin.)

But the guy's reissuing an album he recorded thirty years ago by popular demand. His face is going on a t-shirt that's being sold at Barneys. He is not a reanimated corpse, as he should be. Seriously, Iggy Pop is still alive? Iggy Pop is still alive. (Fact: the year he recorded of Raw Power, the world momentarily ran out of drugs.) I couldn't care less what's happening under his shirt, should he decide to ever put one on. He's still one of the best live performers going, and he's older than your dad. The man gets a pass.