Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck” should be the song of the summer

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I mean, it's kind of terrible. But so is Katy Perry's "California Gurls." At least Cazwell seems to know it (not to mention the fact that he spells his words correctly). If you don't know, Cazwell is a (very) gay rapper whose trademarks include: shirtlessness, collaborations with Amanda Lepore, and incredibly unsubtle sexual lyrics (more about which later). His most recent single, "Ice Cream Truck", just got a very abs-friendly video, and while it's a late contender for Song of the Summer 2010, I think it makes a strong showing. Can we get Snoop Dogg to drop a verse on this, please?

Obviously, I loved this song and video from the moment I first saw it. Of the seven deadly sins, I am by far the most guilty of gluttony and lust, so clearly this video was made with me in mind. However, I will say that I prefer Cazwell to be even less veiled with his sexy talk. Consider his previous single, "All Over Your Face":

Now that's dirty. So consider "I'll whip out a drumstick" to be his stab at nuanced innuendo.