James Cameron

James Cameron is pissed. And though it pains us to admit it, he might be right. Last month the director visited Washington to meet with BP and government officials to brainstorm solutions for the spill. Well, marine experts wanted him to brainstorm solutions. Cameron, on the other hand, brought a twenty-five page brief on how to plug the disaster immediately, like an overzealous kid that knows a lot about deep-water technology.

Despite the fact that the plug is sealed and all the oil has been siphoned and problem solved, no more bad things - Cameron is still annoyed that the government ignored his proposal, which was, in essence, the Static Kill method used several weeks later.  "I'm not saying they did it because we recommended it. I think they did it because it was the right thing to do. But they basically did exactly what we said should be done," Cameron said.

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Aug 09 10 - 1:13pm

If it's what was done, perhaps his proposal wasn't ignored. Either people didn't want to give the director of Titanic credit or it was one of very limited plausible solutions that more than one person realized would work.

Aug 09 10 - 1:32pm

Go fuck yaself JC.

Aug 09 10 - 2:33pm

It would be pretty hard not to want to take credit for something that large that you put that much thought and time into. The guy is brilliant, despite what else you may think of Hollywood directors.

Aug 09 10 - 2:36pm
8th yb

told ya so (that cameron would tell ya so)

Aug 09 10 - 11:35pm

I wonder: if the "static kill" solution hadn't worked, would Mr Cameron have publicly acknowledged his error?

The idea might not have been Mr Cameron's in the first place; it might have been the idea of an associate of his who knew that he/she didn't have the name recognition to get his/her idea in front of the powers that be. Then too: it's been many years since "Titanic" hit the screen; who knows what Mr C. has been learning about since then.

Nov 20 11 - 8:58am

That's way more cleevr than I was expecting. Thanks!

Nov 24 11 - 2:24pm

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