Pop-Tart: The Restaurant comes to Times Square

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Pop-Tarts World

I remember the horror of watching a fellow fourth grader tear into a package of uncooked Pop-Tarts for the first time, completely uncooked. It was…uncouth. One year later, I learned what the chart on the side of the box meant and never went back.

In other news, joining the ranks of its sugary brothers at M&M Mars and Hershey's, the Pop-Tart brand will receive its very own store in the middle Times Square. It's being called "Pop-Tarts World" but we deign to call it one thing, and that's "Pop-Tart: The Restaurant." What can we expect?

  • Pop-Tarts sushi, with "three kinds of Pop-Tarts minced and then wrapped in a fruit roll-up"
  • "The Fluffer Butter sandwich (essentially, the Double-Down of Pop-Tarts)
  • An hourly light show

And in the spirit of the creepy pragmatism of marketing, PBS Real Estate head Laura Pomerantz says, “It’s a confluence of business, commerce, entertainment and the density of traffic." Robot love money. (Understand that those are not her feelings, but that of the Kellogs corporation.

Via The New York Times